Friday, September 30, 2011

To Share a Few fun Finds :)

Surrounded by stories surreal and sublime,
I fell in love in the library once upon a time. 
–Jimmy Buffett

 These all came from my findings through tumblr. It is an addiction and I love finding things on reading and such. I love seeing people who feel the same way I do about reading! I miss it greatly, seeing that I cant often with school work and such. Oh winter need to be here. But i also loved Jimmy Buffett's quote as well <3 Happy Sharing!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Addictions

I have changed the look of my blog, not realizing that basically just like myspace in the day you are able to totally customize the look of your profiles. Mind you I am still not 100% sure on this look but I like it a lot more. The other fit and I am hoping to find one though that may be more relevant to reading and such.

Anywho, new addictions. Well, beyond blogger I have started blogging on tumblr as well. I am not sure if anyone has been on tumblr before and I am still learning the kicks of it all. As of right now I post pictures to how I am feeling and sometimes will leave some comments. I addicting to see what other people post and such. Through tumlbr I found a website that puts outfits together and one girl created an account that creates outfits based on Disney characters, places and such. I love it! Mind you the outfits are expensive but it can give you some fun ideas on how to put the outfit together. My goal is to actually go to goodwill and try to recreate some of the outfits that I found! Its another social media craze that seems to be fast evolving and I am trying to catch up to its possible amazingness. here is my tumblr. Please check it out. I will be honest that this is more of a personal blog so some things are in there like true blood, doctor who and such and the most current post from True Blood has vulgarity, so giving you all the heads up in case you get offended. But I dare you all to try it out because its becoming more and more addicting the more I figure it all out! My objective is to get more followers. That goes for this blog and it goes for my tumblr as well.

Another one thats not a blog or any sort is My sister introduced me to this site, which is a first because I am normally telling her about sites. Its PICTURES insanes amount of pictures that become pins. You create pin boards like for example I have a pin board for my home. They are decorating ideas that I would love to do. Some of the pictures that you place are a connection to where that picture came from. So it may be from a home magazine in which It tells me what items I need to recreate it. There is of course do it yourself boards with crafts and such! I have gotten SOO many ideas out of this and also found blogs for me to follow that continually post new craft ideas. I personally love pictures, but I think half of what I use this for is ideas for clothing, my home and just some fun things. Its another thing to check out if anyone has a moment!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This man is GENIUS

For my organization of knowledge class i had to watch a video of a conference where the speakers name was Roy Tennant. The video is called Life Beyond MARC: The case for Revolutionary Change in Library Systems. My boyfriend is laughing at me currently because I was soo enthralled with this. At first i was like oh my lord this video is 65 minutes long and its 10:15 pm and its been a long day. I was glued to the computer screen and if you watch the video and you are a library geek officially like I am, you will understand why.

Roy Tennant is quoted as a pioneer  in regards to digital library development and internet training. To basically state what the video was about, its changing the future of metadata when it comes to cataloging. When I am at work, a good majority of the time students ask questions for particular items in the form of how you would look for something on google. We know, it doesn't necessarily work this way in a library catalog. We need key words like the title, author and so on and so forth. I myself am finding it difficult still doing subject searches because I feel I may not be using the right key word to find that item. Google, you can type in the question and BOOM results. Certainly its a plethora of results but it gives the patrons what they want instantly. Tennant discusses this in the fact that google makes their search user friendly. It is not to say that library catalogs are not, but he showed some examples of some college libraries where their online catalog was just not at all user friendly. Catalogs are certainly librarian friendly, but what truly matters is that it needs to function to give the patrons the results they are looking for. I believe he said librarians want to research the patron just wants the results! I can fully understand that.

There was so much more to the video that I thought was interesting. For example, he talked about a patron wanting to find a book on Hamlet by William Shakespeare. You go on Amazon, type in those key words and you get results instantly. In one of the catalogs he shows that a book that really had no relevance other than that it quoted hamlet in the piece showed up in the search results. Reasoning why it came up because it was mentioned in the notes of the catalog source. There is no need for that item to come up in a search for that patron. They are looking for Hamlet, the WHOLE piece, not just a fraction. That is what Tennant discusses. There needs to be a new format to the MARC format in regards to metadata. And after the confusion of all the cataloging stuff that I have been learning this honestly made the most sense to me! Mind you, this video was from 2005 and I am sure more and more libraries are moving towards this progressive advancement, but certainly it was so interesting listening to what he had to say!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A little angry

Books are probably one of my most prized possessions. Doesn't matter what type of book it is, the book is something that we should cherish because it was the origin of some of the knowledge we carry today. Basically you get my drift what I think of them. Today at work I had a student come up to me and show me a course reserve book that had pages ripped out of the book. I handle the course reserves at my job. Teachers place items on reserve for the students so that they can check them out, initially saving them the money of purchasing the textbook. These days texts books get more and more expensive and students are unable to afford them. Anywho...over 10 pages of information was ripped out of the book. This infuriated me!! Like I said, it doesn't matter what type of book it is, that book is important. In this case, this is a text book that their fellow classmates use to work on their assignments. That is what we have the copiers for, you have to be joking me that a student does not have a dollar to be able to make those copies from the book. I just was in utter shock at the indecency that the student showed to the item WE or basically the TEACHERS provided for them. I am sure I am more upset in regards to the fact that this is someone else's item that had been basically vandalized but still to just rip out the pages in the book just ticked me off even more. I get a lot of books that are damaged and not taken care of. When I accidentally get water or something on a book, I go nuts! I hate that I did something to damage the quality of it. Its because I am responsible and own up to the fact that I did something wrong and hate that I did, even if it was just an accident. Are we that spoiled and selfish in society today that we don't take into consideration of others materials and possessions? 

Books should be respected and more and more children and into their teenage years are not being taught how to appreciate them. I get it...more and more items are being placed on e-readers and such, but still books exist! It shouldn't matter, and also just respect in general doesn't seem to be taught anymore either. I have always said that my children will read, and I hope I instill in them that it is fun, and that it wont necessarily be a forced thing. I want them to appreciate reading and the book itself. Probably by the time I have children, it will just all be ebooks..who knows, however I hope not. I will have my own mini-library and I want my children to enjoy it and respect them, and respect others personal items!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just keep moving

Wanted to share this with everyone. I thought it was cute and it speaks the matter how hard things get. Its something I should repeat to myself

Oh cataloging

This semester I am currently taking organization of knowledge...basically cataloging. I was sooo excited about this class because I am a geek like that and I couldn't wait to learn it all. My opinion has not necessarily changed but it is mind draining. That or I am not sure if fellow students feel the same way or are dealing with the same thing; I will learn something and then honestly forget what I had just learned about, especially seeing there is sooo much to know in regards to lets say a MARC format. Its not even just the MARC format, I already have forgotten what we had learned in the beginning with making a basic catalog entry using OCLC. It worries me. For example, the other post that I wrote was an upset response to a grade I had gotten in the class where as I couldn't remember seeing what I had gotten points taken off for in my notes. Low and behold I found it and I am really disappointed in myself for missing it. I am not sure if I am just rushing it and wanting it to be done so that I am ahead, or if my brain is just on so much of an overload I am missing little things such as that.

I definitely find it all interesting, I cant deny that, but I am worried that the material isn't sticking. I am not saying I want to be a cataloger but lets say that I am working in a small library, like the VA library possibly, I will have to possibly catalog my own stuff. I am hoping that it doesn't mean the MARC format because I might bang my head on a table if that is what I would have to do :/ Here is to hoping that it all sinks in eventually and I will progressively remember how to create all this!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking on too much in the world

This is certainly the truth. My other post talked about my future and how even through all the stress and things it will all be worth it. Oh lord do I hope! At the moment I am feeling slightly overwhelmed, but that is because I am moving in less than two weeks, trying to function with school and continue with a busier work day. Mind you I am more grateful that it is busier at work, because I feel like I am learning more and helping more with the students, where as over the summer it was sooo slow!!

Sometimes I sit and wonder If I have tackled on too much. I am looking in my living room right now with everything scattered across the floor and I am just tired!! My boyfriend and I only packed today the nick nacks and books(many many books). We also took everything off the walls with the exception of my curtains. I feel like there is sooo much more to do, but not off till the weekend. I have class on saturday only leaving me sunday to do the packing and the BOOM I move the friday next. Just so much to do and as always NEVER enough time.

I also think I strive way too much for perfection when It comes to anything I do. However, I am one to admit that I am scared of failure. I found myself getting upset over over a 90 and an 83 for grades today.More the 83 because ( and I have to go back and look at the notes) I do not remember learning about what I got points apparently taken off for. I had forgot to put something into a MARC Bibliographic format apparently and got points deducted. However, I do not remember reading about this particular field in ANY of my notes, so to be fair I am going to go back and check. But I fight for these things because I want to make sure I am learning everything properly and not missing something during my stressful days. My parents yell at me in a sense because they say I do so well in school I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but I get so nervous of letting everything get to me to the point I will let my grades slip and not do the best I can. 

Again its days like this I wonder if I am honestly taking on too much. As the quote says, waiting is the hardest part, but unfortunately for me, I have been waiting a long time for a break and when I do finally graduate, I may just have to take an insane vacation. (time to win the lotto so I can actually go to London :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011 get or not to get..

BAH do I pre-order it now?! its only $11.99 to pre-order for when it comes out December 6th! I really REALLY should not spend money but this is sort of a weakness!!

Currently Living the Life of Belle

So I am sure all of you just wanted to see this awesome picture of beauty and the beast. I think more and more I realize why this is my favorite Disney movie. Belle is one of those characters who I feel is outside of the norm and well, I consider myself to be. It also helps that she enjoys to read and when the beast gives her the library as a present....well..that to me is the greatest present anyone could ever give me because when I am around books, I am honestly like a kid in a candy store. Also....she wants that "adventure in the great wide somewhere", to me that means not wanting to settle on things in life. That is how I have always been. I moved to Florida going on six years ago because I did not want to continue with my life in a small town. Mind you, that is certainly fine for people out there, but not for me. My schedule is so hectic right now and I may be stressed out and I may go ape shit at times, however it will be sooo worth it in the end. I know I don't get to see my friends all the time, and really only get to see my bf on the weekends and such but I want that adventure in life. I want a career where I will feel satisfied and feel like I did something with my life.

More and more I am so thankful I chose the library field to study. Even though i loved theater and such, the library field just seems to fit and i cant get over how nice everyone has been to me. I go on this rambling brigade because I shadowed yesterday at the VA library over in Tampa. It was so nice to get into another library for a day and see the operations of how it works, especially one of a medical library. I am moving towards a federal library when I graduate and had gotten in contact with the Chief Librarian there through being involved in FAFLRT. Thank goodness for being in round tables and such..if you are a student and involved in ALA...TAKE ADVANTAGE!! You are crazy not to try and get involved. It will blow your mind the people that you will meet. Nevertheless, after meeting there and spending the day, I realized I have to get volunteering, getting my name out there more and more. So I am hoping on my Fridays off to volunteer here in Orlando when the new librarian takes his place. I am a little depressed that I honestly cant volunteer this fall because of the football season where I work currently. Plus, taking time off for my move in two weeks... doesn't help. But i have to do background checks, make sure I am healthy..etc..etc So waiting till the spring may not be that bad. 

I have also found though that there are too many interesting directions you can go in the library field...being in the VA library and seeing the medical community was just FASCINATING. I loved every moment of it...the Chief Librarian told me there could be information that she gathers that may just save a veterans life. That to me is priceless and life fulfilling. I know right now I am either going to focus on 
1. Federal Libraries
2. possibly now medical libraries
3. working with children ( because we all know my opinion on reading and if  you don't.....they don't read enough and it breaks my heart)
4. Library advocacy!
My possibilities are endless and I think Belle would agree, this life is an adventure and even though I am stressed all the time, I couldn't take these experiences away because its such an amazing learning process!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

oh web 2.0

So I said I was going to keep up with this blogging thing beyond the spectrum of using it for the classroom. Well, now I am even going beyond the assignment. I got curious again about other social mediums and such. After dealing with the changes from Facebook, I dunno I feel frustrated with it. Its not that I don't like change, but I don't like change when it isn't necessary.

Anywho, I created a twitter account a while ago for a previous class and i started using that again. I am noticing if I wanted to just place a random thought its easier to start posting it on twitter...when you post something like that on facebook..well it tends to be come off that your overly obsessed...constantly creating posts. I cant deny that I am on facebook a lot, but I think everyone knows what i mean. However, sometimes I find twitter to be overwhelming. There are sooo many feeds and many people post over and over again creating the most insane feed of information. ITS A LOT! It's crazy to see the movie starts that constantly update their twitter pages. Mind you, I dont have an iphone and what not that makes posting that much easier. Guess its time to get into the technology age (cough cough yeah right, I would break it knowing me)

I feel weird that at 27, in a younger generation, i find some of this stuff difficult to maneuver. I dunno if its the fact I don't have the patience or the time to sit down and figure it out or if I am just making it more difficult than it really is. For example, I created a tumblr too, I have one of my younger student assistants showing me the ropes because I DON'T GET IT. I want to get it because it seems like another fun way to chat with the world but its still all confusing. Heck the world of blogging is technically new to me as well. There is so much out there now from when I was a kid, then you sit there and think about what your parents had then your grandparents. Its nuts how fast technology is going and what is out there for us.

On another insane hectic life..does not allow me fun reading...if anyone is reading this..know my pathetic heart breaks to not being able to read some fiction!! ahahaha, school is great and I am continually learning and growing but lord do I need a mental break!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Web 2.0 in smaller communities

So for the next assignment that wanted me to find a web 2.0 tool being used, i wanted to look at a library from back home. I am from upstate New York, small area and there is the Mechanicville Public library and the Stillwater Free Library. Mechanicville which is bigger than stillwater did not have any web 2.0 tools located from their website and from what I can tell does not practice it. However, Stillwater did. I found it extremely surprising in comparison with a somewhat larger community. What I found out was the director of the Stillwater library graduated with her MLIS in 2008, giving her the upper hand possibly in using Web 2.0 tools for community outreach.

Anywho....Web 2.0 tools. Stillwater had a couple, so I visited their Facebook page. I personally find facebook pages more effective because it allows you to post the status of lets say an event and such, but also post the pictures from the event. Twitter you can only really post the status. They are very active with their Facebook, keeping status's updated and continually putting pictures up as well. Recently back home we had some extreme flooding and the building itself is located right by the Hudson River. They are very lucky that nothing ever gets damaged wise! I work on the facebook page for where I work as well, and I like that it allows you to have the location of where you are, in case someone needs the address or directions on how to get there...its more or less like having a duplicate webpage but for the Web 2.0 community. The only problem lately with facebook is its CONSTANT changes. This morning they just recently updated the facebook page and it makes me wonder if lets say patrons (like many of us) are frustrated with the changes and will drift away. Having multiple web 2.0 tools within your library i feel is a smart decision because of this and Stillwater has that. They also have a twitter, a flickr account and they also have a connection with YouTube! Who knows, a blog could be next. I find it hard to find other ways to make a facebook better, especially after looking at Stillwater's facebook page. They are very good at keepings things updated on there, like when their Ladies night is. Apparently its a fundraiser that they have every year and in their status it links to the even to give lady patrons all of the information that they need. Again for many this can be seen as a repeat of their actual webpage, but more and more people are on facebook or some other web 2.0 tool. Its just another way for libraries to get the information out there on what they can give their patrons.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The current use of Web 2.0 in libraries

During my first semester of my MLIS I learned a lot about web 2.0 and the fact remains that even still web 2.0 remains to be the way that libraries are able to connect to their patrons on a different level.  According to Michael Stephens, “What web 2.0 tools offer is a way to be open, to share content on various websites, and to engage others in building resources” (2006, p.10). Many of us are active participants within web 2.0. Our everyday lives are involved within it using Facebook, Twitter, possibly flickr and creating your own blog. So if many of us are already active participates of the phenomenon why wouldn’t libraries be involved as well?
There are many uses of web 2.0 that can enhance libraries participation within the community. Stephens mentions some considerations when looking at library services with web 2.0. One of his examples states, “Ease of use-systems are intuitive and users can easily learn to manipulate them. Libraries use instant messaging (IM) to perform virtual reference instead of difficult-to-use proprietary platforms” (2006, p.11).  Many may not think of the IM as a web 2.0 tool, however the IM is another great way for libraries to be able to interact with their patrons especially in regards to reference. The university library that I currently work at has Ask a Librarian, allowing a patron to speak to a reference librarian for assistance. It’s a quick easy way for someone to access library information without having to leave their home. It is another display on how web 2.0 allows for convenience for patrons.
I found an interesting article that really went into depth about web 2.0 in libraries. Towards Library 2.0: The Adoption of Web 2.0 technologies in Public Libraries discussed many formats of library 2.0 and I thought it was really interesting that the Orange County library system here in Florida was mentioned for some of the formats that they use. One of them of course being the IM, but it also discussed how it has its own mobile catalog, which I myself have on my itouch. However the article mentions that they also have  blogs, which I myself was unaware of. They have multiple blogs providing “interesting content to library users through blogging, including a monthly blog providing information on job hunting known as jobspot, news and information from the director of the library in the library leader blog, the southwest library at Dr. Phillips blog created by the staff and techno teens live! Blog” (Anttiroiko & Savolainen, 2011, p. 93).  It reiterates that these technologies allow libraries to connect to their patrons within the community. It gives the community information about what services they have to offer giving them more of a welcoming into the library world by becoming connected with them.
In many of the articles I read (I read more than just the ones stated) there was not much towards the negative aspects or drawbacks to utilizing web 2.0. However, even though many venture into the world of Web 2.0 (facebook, twitter etc.) many users are looking for more privacy. “Social media users love connectivity, but they are struggling with ways to set boundaries (doubters: read up on facebook’s privacy travails)” (Huwe, 2011,p. 26). Huwe asks how can libraries create the trust that users need within this web 2.0 world. As the future of technology continues more of this will be answered, more and more librarians are needed to fully understand and specialize within web 2.0. As we know this means more money facilitated in having the specialists and the time to learn/teach. Nevertheless, I personally feel there is an importance to being involved within the world of Web 2.0 for libraries. The main aspect is that it allows libraries to stay connected with their community, just as business does to keep their customers coming. It allows information to be transferred and updated to the patrons, keeping them informed of new services that can benefit them. But it also allows libraries to teach their patrons how to use them and keeping the patrons connected with people in their own lives.

Stephens, M. (2006). Exploring web 2.0 and libraries. Library Technology Reports, 42(4), 8-14. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.
Anttiroiko, A., & Savolainen, R. (2011). Towards Library 2.0: The adoption of web 2.0 technologies in public libraries. Libri61(2), 87-99. doi: 10.1515/libr.2011.008
Huwe, T. K. (2011). Library 2.0, meet the 'web squared' world. Computers in Libraries, 31(3), 24-26. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

My delicious account

I am still adding things to my account for even general interest. But i added libraries that I am interested in and ones within my local areas in regards to web 2.0 tools that they are using.

It's insane the amount of tools that are out there for us to be able to keep tabs of some of our favorite things to search online. Delicious just happens to be one of them and I have certainly found it interesting. I enjoyed being able to follow a tagged item that would further allow me to find similar websites and such to the topic.

Monday, September 19, 2011

QR code

I have to say, the QR code is interesting. Mind you, I do not have a phone that enables me to use the code so I may have to have my friends try it and see!

Friday, September 16, 2011

A New blog

SOOO instead of sticking with a blog that I created for another class, I went ahead and created another one to have. I am going to keep this one beyond my academics and utilize this for my own personal life stories (lord knows I have plenty of them)