Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Addictions

I have changed the look of my blog, not realizing that basically just like myspace in the day you are able to totally customize the look of your profiles. Mind you I am still not 100% sure on this look but I like it a lot more. The other fit and I am hoping to find one though that may be more relevant to reading and such.

Anywho, new addictions. Well, beyond blogger I have started blogging on tumblr as well. I am not sure if anyone has been on tumblr before and I am still learning the kicks of it all. As of right now I post pictures to how I am feeling and sometimes will leave some comments. I addicting to see what other people post and such. Through tumlbr I found a website that puts outfits together and one girl created an account that creates outfits based on Disney characters, places and such. I love it! Mind you the outfits are expensive but it can give you some fun ideas on how to put the outfit together. My goal is to actually go to goodwill and try to recreate some of the outfits that I found! Its another social media craze that seems to be fast evolving and I am trying to catch up to its possible amazingness. here is my tumblr. Please check it out. I will be honest that this is more of a personal blog so some things are in there like true blood, doctor who and such and the most current post from True Blood has vulgarity, so giving you all the heads up in case you get offended. But I dare you all to try it out because its becoming more and more addicting the more I figure it all out! My objective is to get more followers. That goes for this blog and it goes for my tumblr as well.

Another one thats not a blog or any sort is My sister introduced me to this site, which is a first because I am normally telling her about sites. Its PICTURES insanes amount of pictures that become pins. You create pin boards like for example I have a pin board for my home. They are decorating ideas that I would love to do. Some of the pictures that you place are a connection to where that picture came from. So it may be from a home magazine in which It tells me what items I need to recreate it. There is of course do it yourself boards with crafts and such! I have gotten SOO many ideas out of this and also found blogs for me to follow that continually post new craft ideas. I personally love pictures, but I think half of what I use this for is ideas for clothing, my home and just some fun things. Its another thing to check out if anyone has a moment!


  1. Love your new blog look! It's hard, though, when dealing with dynamic CSS to get the background lined up "just so"... On my browser, the middle, white section is nudged further to the right than it probably should be... :/ I really wish that browsers would get together so that these kinds of things wouldn't happen... Have you ever tried StumbleUpon? Talk about an addiction. I have the toolbar in Firefox, and it's all I can do not to Stumble my life away.

    All care to you, I love that you've embraced blogging! Layla.

  2. No I havent heard of it, but I think I am now going to have to look at it!! Thanks for the recommendation!