Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh cataloging

This semester I am currently taking organization of knowledge...basically cataloging. I was sooo excited about this class because I am a geek like that and I couldn't wait to learn it all. My opinion has not necessarily changed but it is mind draining. That or I am not sure if fellow students feel the same way or are dealing with the same thing; I will learn something and then honestly forget what I had just learned about, especially seeing there is sooo much to know in regards to lets say a MARC format. Its not even just the MARC format, I already have forgotten what we had learned in the beginning with making a basic catalog entry using OCLC. It worries me. For example, the other post that I wrote was an upset response to a grade I had gotten in the class where as I couldn't remember seeing what I had gotten points taken off for in my notes. Low and behold I found it and I am really disappointed in myself for missing it. I am not sure if I am just rushing it and wanting it to be done so that I am ahead, or if my brain is just on so much of an overload I am missing little things such as that.

I definitely find it all interesting, I cant deny that, but I am worried that the material isn't sticking. I am not saying I want to be a cataloger but lets say that I am working in a small library, like the VA library possibly, I will have to possibly catalog my own stuff. I am hoping that it doesn't mean the MARC format because I might bang my head on a table if that is what I would have to do :/ Here is to hoping that it all sinks in eventually and I will progressively remember how to create all this!


  1. I am also taking Org of Know right now and also cannot for the life of me get anything to stick. We are working on Access Points right now, and while they make sense to me, creating them for the homework assignment has me all sorts of confused. There are over 200 slides worth of examples. How am I supposed to find the right one?! Glad to know that I am not alone on my little island of confusion.


  2. OH who is your teacher because it sounds like ours is similar!