Thursday, September 22, 2011

oh web 2.0

So I said I was going to keep up with this blogging thing beyond the spectrum of using it for the classroom. Well, now I am even going beyond the assignment. I got curious again about other social mediums and such. After dealing with the changes from Facebook, I dunno I feel frustrated with it. Its not that I don't like change, but I don't like change when it isn't necessary.

Anywho, I created a twitter account a while ago for a previous class and i started using that again. I am noticing if I wanted to just place a random thought its easier to start posting it on twitter...when you post something like that on facebook..well it tends to be come off that your overly obsessed...constantly creating posts. I cant deny that I am on facebook a lot, but I think everyone knows what i mean. However, sometimes I find twitter to be overwhelming. There are sooo many feeds and many people post over and over again creating the most insane feed of information. ITS A LOT! It's crazy to see the movie starts that constantly update their twitter pages. Mind you, I dont have an iphone and what not that makes posting that much easier. Guess its time to get into the technology age (cough cough yeah right, I would break it knowing me)

I feel weird that at 27, in a younger generation, i find some of this stuff difficult to maneuver. I dunno if its the fact I don't have the patience or the time to sit down and figure it out or if I am just making it more difficult than it really is. For example, I created a tumblr too, I have one of my younger student assistants showing me the ropes because I DON'T GET IT. I want to get it because it seems like another fun way to chat with the world but its still all confusing. Heck the world of blogging is technically new to me as well. There is so much out there now from when I was a kid, then you sit there and think about what your parents had then your grandparents. Its nuts how fast technology is going and what is out there for us.

On another insane hectic life..does not allow me fun reading...if anyone is reading this..know my pathetic heart breaks to not being able to read some fiction!! ahahaha, school is great and I am continually learning and growing but lord do I need a mental break!!


  1. Too funny! We all need that mental break! Enjoyed reading your information. The technology world - oh sooooo fast. We cannot keep up.

  2. it is going so fast!! I feel being in my twenties i should be able to catch up but I am noticing I can not! I am having one of my student assistants helping me with my tumblr ( and its still hard to believe she is basically 10 yrs younger than me). Its mind boggling.