Saturday, September 24, 2011

Currently Living the Life of Belle

So I am sure all of you just wanted to see this awesome picture of beauty and the beast. I think more and more I realize why this is my favorite Disney movie. Belle is one of those characters who I feel is outside of the norm and well, I consider myself to be. It also helps that she enjoys to read and when the beast gives her the library as a present....well..that to me is the greatest present anyone could ever give me because when I am around books, I am honestly like a kid in a candy store. Also....she wants that "adventure in the great wide somewhere", to me that means not wanting to settle on things in life. That is how I have always been. I moved to Florida going on six years ago because I did not want to continue with my life in a small town. Mind you, that is certainly fine for people out there, but not for me. My schedule is so hectic right now and I may be stressed out and I may go ape shit at times, however it will be sooo worth it in the end. I know I don't get to see my friends all the time, and really only get to see my bf on the weekends and such but I want that adventure in life. I want a career where I will feel satisfied and feel like I did something with my life.

More and more I am so thankful I chose the library field to study. Even though i loved theater and such, the library field just seems to fit and i cant get over how nice everyone has been to me. I go on this rambling brigade because I shadowed yesterday at the VA library over in Tampa. It was so nice to get into another library for a day and see the operations of how it works, especially one of a medical library. I am moving towards a federal library when I graduate and had gotten in contact with the Chief Librarian there through being involved in FAFLRT. Thank goodness for being in round tables and such..if you are a student and involved in ALA...TAKE ADVANTAGE!! You are crazy not to try and get involved. It will blow your mind the people that you will meet. Nevertheless, after meeting there and spending the day, I realized I have to get volunteering, getting my name out there more and more. So I am hoping on my Fridays off to volunteer here in Orlando when the new librarian takes his place. I am a little depressed that I honestly cant volunteer this fall because of the football season where I work currently. Plus, taking time off for my move in two weeks... doesn't help. But i have to do background checks, make sure I am healthy..etc..etc So waiting till the spring may not be that bad. 

I have also found though that there are too many interesting directions you can go in the library field...being in the VA library and seeing the medical community was just FASCINATING. I loved every moment of it...the Chief Librarian told me there could be information that she gathers that may just save a veterans life. That to me is priceless and life fulfilling. I know right now I am either going to focus on 
1. Federal Libraries
2. possibly now medical libraries
3. working with children ( because we all know my opinion on reading and if  you don't.....they don't read enough and it breaks my heart)
4. Library advocacy!
My possibilities are endless and I think Belle would agree, this life is an adventure and even though I am stressed all the time, I couldn't take these experiences away because its such an amazing learning process!

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