Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking on too much in the world

This is certainly the truth. My other post talked about my future and how even through all the stress and things it will all be worth it. Oh lord do I hope! At the moment I am feeling slightly overwhelmed, but that is because I am moving in less than two weeks, trying to function with school and continue with a busier work day. Mind you I am more grateful that it is busier at work, because I feel like I am learning more and helping more with the students, where as over the summer it was sooo slow!!

Sometimes I sit and wonder If I have tackled on too much. I am looking in my living room right now with everything scattered across the floor and I am just tired!! My boyfriend and I only packed today the nick nacks and books(many many books). We also took everything off the walls with the exception of my curtains. I feel like there is sooo much more to do, but not off till the weekend. I have class on saturday only leaving me sunday to do the packing and the BOOM I move the friday next. Just so much to do and as always NEVER enough time.

I also think I strive way too much for perfection when It comes to anything I do. However, I am one to admit that I am scared of failure. I found myself getting upset over over a 90 and an 83 for grades today.More the 83 because ( and I have to go back and look at the notes) I do not remember learning about what I got points apparently taken off for. I had forgot to put something into a MARC Bibliographic format apparently and got points deducted. However, I do not remember reading about this particular field in ANY of my notes, so to be fair I am going to go back and check. But I fight for these things because I want to make sure I am learning everything properly and not missing something during my stressful days. My parents yell at me in a sense because they say I do so well in school I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but I get so nervous of letting everything get to me to the point I will let my grades slip and not do the best I can. 

Again its days like this I wonder if I am honestly taking on too much. As the quote says, waiting is the hardest part, but unfortunately for me, I have been waiting a long time for a break and when I do finally graduate, I may just have to take an insane vacation. (time to win the lotto so I can actually go to London :)

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