Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Web 2.0 in smaller communities

So for the next assignment that wanted me to find a web 2.0 tool being used, i wanted to look at a library from back home. I am from upstate New York, small area and there is the Mechanicville Public library and the Stillwater Free Library. Mechanicville which is bigger than stillwater did not have any web 2.0 tools located from their website and from what I can tell does not practice it. However, Stillwater did. I found it extremely surprising in comparison with a somewhat larger community. What I found out was the director of the Stillwater library graduated with her MLIS in 2008, giving her the upper hand possibly in using Web 2.0 tools for community outreach.

Anywho....Web 2.0 tools. Stillwater had a couple, so I visited their Facebook page. I personally find facebook pages more effective because it allows you to post the status of lets say an event and such, but also post the pictures from the event. Twitter you can only really post the status. They are very active with their Facebook, keeping status's updated and continually putting pictures up as well. Recently back home we had some extreme flooding and the building itself is located right by the Hudson River. They are very lucky that nothing ever gets damaged wise! I work on the facebook page for where I work as well, and I like that it allows you to have the location of where you are, in case someone needs the address or directions on how to get there...its more or less like having a duplicate webpage but for the Web 2.0 community. The only problem lately with facebook is its CONSTANT changes. This morning they just recently updated the facebook page and it makes me wonder if lets say patrons (like many of us) are frustrated with the changes and will drift away. Having multiple web 2.0 tools within your library i feel is a smart decision because of this and Stillwater has that. They also have a twitter, a flickr account and they also have a connection with YouTube! Who knows, a blog could be next. I find it hard to find other ways to make a facebook better, especially after looking at Stillwater's facebook page. They are very good at keepings things updated on there, like when their Ladies night is. Apparently its a fundraiser that they have every year and in their status it links to the even to give lady patrons all of the information that they need. Again for many this can be seen as a repeat of their actual webpage, but more and more people are on facebook or some other web 2.0 tool. Its just another way for libraries to get the information out there on what they can give their patrons.

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