Friday, October 28, 2011

Josh Groban

For years I have been wanting to see Josh Groban in concert. His voice and music just is amazing to me. I have missed his concerts so many times. Ill either be here in florida and he was in New York or I was in New York and he was here in Florida. Last Feb I saw that tickets were to go on sale for his concert in October and I about died! I was like I HAVE TO GO. I called my mom and was like mommy..I know what i want for my birthday..yeah i get it I am 27 years old and said mommy but still!! She was like Sarah your birthday is not until May. When I explained to her about the concert it was instant approval because we are all fans and I am sure if my mom was here she would want to be going too. 
I am honestly not sure how I will react tomorrow. Anthony is staying clear of me for the time being ahahaha and my friend Katie is going with me. I hope I do not cry but understand that his music means that much to me. When my grandfather passed away 8 years ago, it was about the time that I started to listen to Josh Groban. My grandmother asked me if i wanted to sing at the funeral. Losing my grandfather was really hard and I honestly could not see being able to sing at the funeral. We found out he had cancer at their 50th wedding anniversary which I sang at and I bawled hysterically at the end. I told my grandma that there was this one song that Josh Groban sang called to where you are. She said she would think about it. During the funeral there was a time when we would listen to a song to commemorate the person. It was all silent and I heard the first few notes of the song and cried a little. However, while everyone else was crying hysterical (its that moving of a song if you havent heard it) I stopped crying. It put me at ease and I sang along. 
I have always wanted to sing with its a dream that will never come true most likely. However going to this concert tomorrow means the world to me and I am so excited and blessed to have parents who got me this AMAZING birthday present that I waited 9 months for! My seats are awesome and I just cant wait to hear him perform <3 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romancing Miss Bronte Finished!!!

Literally just finished this piece as we speak and it was a fantastic read. For any person who loves reading historical fiction this is another one that has become a favorite..mind you I have a lot of favorites but still! Again, when I read historical fiction pieces I tend to read more on people who actually existed and not like historical romance novels and such. This piece is about the life of Charlotte Bronte, who now after reading I find to be a truly fascinating woman. As I would read the piece I found myself on wikipedia ( I know not the best source but stay with me). There is not the most amount of information on her on the webpage but still the Bronte family dealt with so much tragedy in their lives that I was awestruck. The author stated in her notes that she tried to keep the piece as historically accurate as possible. Certainly aspects of her life are going to be fictionalized for the piece, however, her letters for example are indeed Charlotte's. The author brought me into Charlotte's world and you couldn't help but not connect with the character.

Many would also look at the title and go oh a romance piece, however this book is different in this aspect. It is a different type of love story that almost breaks your heart but shows a different kind of love. I don't want to discuss too much because it ruins a lot of it, but trust me when I say, I you love reading about historical figures, this is a great read. Juliet Gael did a fantastic job and has now led me to finally read Jane Eyre! That is my next expedition!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

one more bit of awesomeness

sorry, I found this quote from Henry David Thoreau and wanted to share.....


I am trying to stay ahead in all of my classes. I try to get so much work done during the week that I have free time on the weekends to relax, because after the move and such...I need it. I just finished my Dewey Decimal homework assignment and I am not sure if you are all geeks like me but I enjoyed EVERY moment of the reading and doing the assignment. I think its because for two years now I have been working in a library that works with Dewey. You always or well I always asked how does cataloging know what number to give it and such. Then finally that information was handed to me in a homework assignment. Its assignments like these that remind me of how geeky I am and that I chose a good field for me :) My co-worker and I just sat there on the online Dewey access and just geeked out for about a 1/2 hour just finding all the different numbers and such.

On top of that I have actually been doing fun reading and I am almost finished with Romancing Miss Bronte! It has been a fantastic read and I cant wait to talk about it.

Its been a while since I posted some pictures and quotes! So here are some that I found today :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Romancing Miss Bronte

So I am officially going to start reading this book tonight, and I am kind of excited about it. I borrowed it from my friend who had bought it from borders as it was going out of business! I wanted it for myself but seeing she was getting it, might as well borrow! Its tale about Charlotte Bronte ( sry I am not sure how to put the dots over the e) So I am excited to see how this goes :)

Its podcast time!!!

I am so excited about this podcast..seeing as it took me a couple tries to convert it to an MP3 format. Technology and I just do not get along for the world! As we know my blog title is the addictedreader27. I wanted to do a podcast talking about a book favorite of mine and hopefully have this as a recommendation for other readers. I wanted to give a little background of my favorite reads, why I love the book and a little bit of information on what the book is about. I am a very enthusiastic reader, and I would hope to want to get other people to be just as enthusiastic about what they are reading. For the first podcast, if you are into historical fiction, it will introduce you to one of my favorite books that I have read recently. That book is His Last Letter; Elizabeth I and the Earl of Leicester by Jeane Westin. I hope you all enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse Novels

So many of you are probably starting to read this and going, oh dear, not another vampire book. Or isn't that what True Blood is based on? Why yes, yes it is and I will tell you that, for simple, adult fun, brain out the door reading, Charlaine Harris's series is an addicting read! I did it a little backwards and starting reading the books after watching season one and two of True Blood. The pictured book is the first in the series and is almost exactly like season one...after that..well...I have always said you have to keep the book separate from the movie or anything that they recreate! I find them just as enjoyable and enjoy them separately. But back to the books, I just find them to be entertaining because they are easy quick reads! I love the characters that Harris creates with each book from human to mythical creatures! I know sometimes vampire books tend to get over done, however if you haven't given this series a chance, I recommend it. I would more recommend it for the female readers...not that men cant enjoy it, but I think having a female lead character like Sookie makes it geared more to the female readers! So even though many think that vampire fiction is over done and not fun to read...give this a try. There are 11 in the series and I read all of them in one summer! So not long to read at all :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Lately this book has been checked out frequently in my library and I always tell them when they do that it is a fantastic read. If anyone has never read this piece..PLEASE DO! Its such an easy read and it will honestly touch you. I say this because the book is about a boy who has autism or the more specifically aspergers syndrome. (the character never directly states this, however, the details on the book sometimes state it) Autism does not directly affect me in general but it affects families all over. Its a great piece to get a perspective on what this boys life is like because well, it is written from the boys point of view. I think Mark Haddon did a fantastic job personifying this young boy and at first I thought he had Autism himself. It takes a talent to create that type of thought process in a reader. There are interesting details within this book; for example the chapters are only numbered prime numbers because they are the boys favorite numbers and he is a math wiz! I don't want to get too much into it because it really would take away the story. However, it is a quick and easy read and you will enjoy it greatly. I remember when I used to recommend it for summer reading, I had parents and grandparents thanking me because their child actually read it and enjoyed it :) So take the time yourself!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


“It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past
… while we wait for our futures.”MATCHED, by Ally Condie

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book..if you have not read it the series so far is fantastic!

Back to the world

I have certainly been on hiatus and lord I do not like being away from the internet world for a couple of days. It is kind of sad if you think about it. We were once a world without the internet and now many of us can't live without it. I think for me because I am busy between work and school it allows me time to connect with the world!

The move is thankfully done, well, I still have to clean the old place and finish up but I am done! Now it is back to school and work! I have to sit down and really work on my podcast this week. It is not due till the 23rd but I would soo rather just get it done! Time to get back to being ahead like I always try to be in my homework. I am actually kind of excited about creating it. I think the reason is because I decided to do a podcast in relation to recommending books! I love to read, as we can tell by my blog tittle. For my podcast I am going to talk about a historical fiction book that I read recently! So it shall be fun and interesting to learn! Lord lets hope my mic and stuff work!

Now again to share some words of wisdom and awesome pictures :)

oh dear lord..this book was just checked in at my library!! its a bunch of poems!! Here is the main one from the title
Please bury me in the library
in the clean, well-lighted stacks
of novels, history, poetry
right next to the paperbacks
where the kids’ books dance
with true romance
and the dictionary dozes.
Please bury me in the library
with a dozen long-stemmed proses.
Way Back by a rack of magazines,
I wont be sad too often
If they bury me in the library
with bookworms in my coffin.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Current Job Market

I am currently working on a paper type analysis for my library admin. class. Basically I had to do a SWOT analysis on myself and the current job market. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Not sure how I feel now after doing this. Mind you, I am in my second semester, but I REALLY need to figure out how to gain more experience.  I think that is half of what I found is that I do not have the experience yet for some of the jobs I am currently interested in.Certainly school will allow me so much, and same with my job. I need to start volunteering, however time is my little problem. School full time and work full time leave me not much time at all! I would love to do an internship or something of that matter but I don't have the capability because I am on my own! I will definitely try to volunteer at VA hospital in the spring. I can do that on my fridays off hopefully! Lord knows id be basically working 6 days but I need to gain the experience some how. I also will want to work reference when I can at the main library on campus. I need to gain reference experience and learning more how to do it! My brain right now is just tired thinking of it all!!
And on that note..more motivational pictures and such :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Words of Wisdom

Learning to keep my cool

I am taking this moment to write, write about anything, in the hopes that I do not lose my cool. There is no need to initially talk about why I am feeling this way, but I know at the current moment I need to learn to keep my stress levels down and sometimes writing can really do that.

I am currently thinking about school and the things that I am learning. It is so certainly a lot of information! I believe starting next week I will begin learning about Dewey and LC categories. I am actually really excited about it. Currently I work in a library that uses the Dewey and I have always wondered how does one categorize it all. I know that cataloging has been a trying class, where it drains me to no end. Nevertheless, I cant complain for I have learned much more than what I thought I would when I told my parents, Hey I want to be a librarian.  When it comes to marc records and such, my co worker and I have been discussing one thing in particular, and that is why isn't there a generic or common format for all libraries? More or less, take the different symbols... you have $a, $q or others use /a or many others. Why not use the same format? I have noticed from that a lot do use the $ sign for many of their marc formats, but I remember my book and the professor saying that other symbols be used. Why? We are trying to find the logical explanation for that one. But I feel that goes for a lot in have Dublin Core as a choice too for metadata. My group project was on metadata and the key thing I learned was that librarians are trying to get interoperability, where as there is a commonality among the programs. Its surprising to me that we dont have this commonality, especially when we want information to be accessed by many!

I also feel like I am horrible at finding items for patrons. I feel like I brain freeze when someone asks me for a complex search. I don't know if its because I cant figure out what subject I should type in or how to even begin. For example, I just had a student as me if we had any picture books that would help children where they can fill in the blanks or make the sound. Well in a catalog there really is no way of looking that up initially. Not that I can think of. And if anyone knows please tell me!!! I tried to get more and more out of him to really try and figure it out but i feel bad because I feel like I am doing a bad job at trying to find this out for him. Mind you what he was trying to find is somewhat difficult and broad but I still feel I should have been able to help him more than what I was able to do.

It might just be how im feeling, I certainly don't want to put myself down. I know how to do things, its just for some reason I freeze. Lord I wish I knew why!

Monday, October 3, 2011

More Sharing :)

I found some awesome pictures again from my tumblr page that I wanted to share with everyone. Some are just motivational and for those of us who love to read they are just plain awesome!

If I was home in New York, I would so want to do this! Doesnt look uber comfortable but I would definitely go out on my aunts dock and just enjoy the fall weather with a book! (and coffee or tea)

I feel this goes for adults too :)