Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am trying to stay ahead in all of my classes. I try to get so much work done during the week that I have free time on the weekends to relax, because after the move and such...I need it. I just finished my Dewey Decimal homework assignment and I am not sure if you are all geeks like me but I enjoyed EVERY moment of the reading and doing the assignment. I think its because for two years now I have been working in a library that works with Dewey. You always or well I always asked how does cataloging know what number to give it and such. Then finally that information was handed to me in a homework assignment. Its assignments like these that remind me of how geeky I am and that I chose a good field for me :) My co-worker and I just sat there on the online Dewey access and just geeked out for about a 1/2 hour just finding all the different numbers and such.

On top of that I have actually been doing fun reading and I am almost finished with Romancing Miss Bronte! It has been a fantastic read and I cant wait to talk about it.

Its been a while since I posted some pictures and quotes! So here are some that I found today :)

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