Friday, October 28, 2011

Josh Groban

For years I have been wanting to see Josh Groban in concert. His voice and music just is amazing to me. I have missed his concerts so many times. Ill either be here in florida and he was in New York or I was in New York and he was here in Florida. Last Feb I saw that tickets were to go on sale for his concert in October and I about died! I was like I HAVE TO GO. I called my mom and was like mommy..I know what i want for my birthday..yeah i get it I am 27 years old and said mommy but still!! She was like Sarah your birthday is not until May. When I explained to her about the concert it was instant approval because we are all fans and I am sure if my mom was here she would want to be going too. 
I am honestly not sure how I will react tomorrow. Anthony is staying clear of me for the time being ahahaha and my friend Katie is going with me. I hope I do not cry but understand that his music means that much to me. When my grandfather passed away 8 years ago, it was about the time that I started to listen to Josh Groban. My grandmother asked me if i wanted to sing at the funeral. Losing my grandfather was really hard and I honestly could not see being able to sing at the funeral. We found out he had cancer at their 50th wedding anniversary which I sang at and I bawled hysterically at the end. I told my grandma that there was this one song that Josh Groban sang called to where you are. She said she would think about it. During the funeral there was a time when we would listen to a song to commemorate the person. It was all silent and I heard the first few notes of the song and cried a little. However, while everyone else was crying hysterical (its that moving of a song if you havent heard it) I stopped crying. It put me at ease and I sang along. 
I have always wanted to sing with its a dream that will never come true most likely. However going to this concert tomorrow means the world to me and I am so excited and blessed to have parents who got me this AMAZING birthday present that I waited 9 months for! My seats are awesome and I just cant wait to hear him perform <3 

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