Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Learning to keep my cool

I am taking this moment to write, write about anything, in the hopes that I do not lose my cool. There is no need to initially talk about why I am feeling this way, but I know at the current moment I need to learn to keep my stress levels down and sometimes writing can really do that.

I am currently thinking about school and the things that I am learning. It is so certainly a lot of information! I believe starting next week I will begin learning about Dewey and LC categories. I am actually really excited about it. Currently I work in a library that uses the Dewey and I have always wondered how does one categorize it all. I know that cataloging has been a trying class, where it drains me to no end. Nevertheless, I cant complain for I have learned much more than what I thought I would when I told my parents, Hey I want to be a librarian.  When it comes to marc records and such, my co worker and I have been discussing one thing in particular, and that is why isn't there a generic or common format for all libraries? More or less, take the different symbols... you have $a, $q or others use /a or many others. Why not use the same format? I have noticed from http://connexion.oclc.org/ that a lot do use the $ sign for many of their marc formats, but I remember my book and the professor saying that other symbols be used. Why? We are trying to find the logical explanation for that one. But I feel that goes for a lot in cataloging...you have Dublin Core as a choice too for metadata. My group project was on metadata and the key thing I learned was that librarians are trying to get interoperability, where as there is a commonality among the programs. Its surprising to me that we dont have this commonality, especially when we want information to be accessed by many!

I also feel like I am horrible at finding items for patrons. I feel like I brain freeze when someone asks me for a complex search. I don't know if its because I cant figure out what subject I should type in or how to even begin. For example, I just had a student as me if we had any picture books that would help children where they can fill in the blanks or make the sound. Well in a catalog there really is no way of looking that up initially. Not that I can think of. And if anyone knows please tell me!!! I tried to get more and more out of him to really try and figure it out but i feel bad because I feel like I am doing a bad job at trying to find this out for him. Mind you what he was trying to find is somewhat difficult and broad but I still feel I should have been able to help him more than what I was able to do.

It might just be how im feeling, I certainly don't want to put myself down. I know how to do things, its just for some reason I freeze. Lord I wish I knew why!

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