Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romancing Miss Bronte Finished!!!

Literally just finished this piece as we speak and it was a fantastic read. For any person who loves reading historical fiction this is another one that has become a favorite..mind you I have a lot of favorites but still! Again, when I read historical fiction pieces I tend to read more on people who actually existed and not like historical romance novels and such. This piece is about the life of Charlotte Bronte, who now after reading I find to be a truly fascinating woman. As I would read the piece I found myself on wikipedia ( I know not the best source but stay with me). There is not the most amount of information on her on the webpage but still the Bronte family dealt with so much tragedy in their lives that I was awestruck. The author stated in her notes that she tried to keep the piece as historically accurate as possible. Certainly aspects of her life are going to be fictionalized for the piece, however, her letters for example are indeed Charlotte's. The author brought me into Charlotte's world and you couldn't help but not connect with the character.

Many would also look at the title and go oh a romance piece, however this book is different in this aspect. It is a different type of love story that almost breaks your heart but shows a different kind of love. I don't want to discuss too much because it ruins a lot of it, but trust me when I say, I you love reading about historical figures, this is a great read. Juliet Gael did a fantastic job and has now led me to finally read Jane Eyre! That is my next expedition!

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