Monday, October 17, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse Novels

So many of you are probably starting to read this and going, oh dear, not another vampire book. Or isn't that what True Blood is based on? Why yes, yes it is and I will tell you that, for simple, adult fun, brain out the door reading, Charlaine Harris's series is an addicting read! I did it a little backwards and starting reading the books after watching season one and two of True Blood. The pictured book is the first in the series and is almost exactly like season one...after that..well...I have always said you have to keep the book separate from the movie or anything that they recreate! I find them just as enjoyable and enjoy them separately. But back to the books, I just find them to be entertaining because they are easy quick reads! I love the characters that Harris creates with each book from human to mythical creatures! I know sometimes vampire books tend to get over done, however if you haven't given this series a chance, I recommend it. I would more recommend it for the female readers...not that men cant enjoy it, but I think having a female lead character like Sookie makes it geared more to the female readers! So even though many think that vampire fiction is over done and not fun to read...give this a try. There are 11 in the series and I read all of them in one summer! So not long to read at all :)

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