Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Extremely Excited

On Monday morning I will be touring the Disney Music Library! When I got the phone call back from the librarian I think I about died. She was concerned that I wouldn't like it necessarily because it is not your normal library for in fact it is a special library. Just what I want and need for my assignment. I keep trying to open doors for myself in every aspect. Will I get a job at a Disney library, not really sure, but its an interesting dream. Music is my other passion in life and to be able to access the archives to the music at the Walt Disney World resort is astronomical to me. There are many Disney libraries that I would certainly love to explore. For example after looking at the SLA directory of Special libraries I had found that there is a library for the Disney Imaginears. I may be a big geek when it comes to Disney but think about what that library has to offer. Certainly its more for employees, but to look back at their many accomplishes. That would be an insane special libraries position.

ITs been interesting reading on special libraries. I don't think many people think about them. Lately, everyone has been asking why would I want to pursue this because it seems like a difficult position to achieve. Well, yes, but who doesn't like a challenge. I have been working hard in school and I don't want to just settle. I find working for specific organizations to be interesting. I consider the VA a great example, where I will be volunteering starting friday. But it goes beyond that, when the teacher stated that the American Girl company had a library I was in awe. The possibilities to me seem endless.

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