Monday, January 30, 2012

The Most Magical Experience

This morning, I got to visit the Disney’s Entertainment Music Library at the Hollywood Studios. I was thankful to have a contact that was able to achieve this for me. I am truly blessed to have been able to experience this. I have gone back and forth during my MLS what I want to do with my degree and sometimes I do go back to the music aspect and being a music librarian. Music is my extreme passion above reading. It will always have a special place in my heart, especially seeing that I have a tattoo of an eight note on my foot. So we know that aspect is never going away. Nevertheless, what an experience! People can make fun of me, but I honestly had tears in my eyes the entire time. I believe one because it was amazing and two because I used to be cast member and sometimes you miss certain aspects of Disney.

The Disney Entertainment Music library archives music from almost all the parks that Disney associates itself with, the hotels and also the cruise lines. It is not huge, mostly because you can now download music and keep most of it on the computers. (Also with back-ups on 3 hard-drives). Music makes a lot of Disney shows spectacular and this library houses all the music. They also archive music sheets and she was able to show me certain techniques but also some examples from the 60’s-70’s. It was just amazing to me. They are currently working on the music and entertainment aspects of the new cruise that is set to launch in March.

I got to tour the building, walk into recording studios, and voice over booths, studios where the orchestras came in. Sometimes even Joey Fatone shows up to use the facility. I was just in awe of everything and I wish I could have stayed there all day. I am excited that I was invited back to see more and I hope I can take up on that offer!

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