Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hidden Cataloging geek

So, today at the VA we started cataloging training. As I had stated before, they were still on card catalog and are now transferring to OPAC. Its so exciting to be joining them on this venture because I will be learning so much! A friend of mine believes that not many MLS students in my position get this type of opportunity so I am not taking that for granted.

When I took cataloging I was half and half about how I feel about it. Some of it is certainly hard, like creating a bib record and such. However, the organization of it all was so intriguing to me. I had been working also with Dewey for so long that you sit there and go wow, how did they come up with it and what do all the numbers mean. After today's session I think part of me was meant for cataloging.

It is apparently rare that someone creates a new Marc record for their library. The occasion of special materials is of course different. Now I hope that I am not wrong but I have noticed that most Marc records are imported and such and can be tweaked in regards to how your library is. That is basically how we will be doing much of the catalog and it seems I will be taking the bulk of it. But, not caring about the work load, I am SO excited. I will be learning all the fields again and such, even though the program allows us to basically fill it all in (its idiot proof in my opinion).

I am still of course in the early stages, but I am sure so much more will be happening!

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