Monday, February 6, 2012

The Information Partnership: Recognizing a V.I.P.

Just finished watching this video for my Special Libraries Seminar Class. Both videos that I have watched so far have been interesting in the fact that the companies that talk about the libraries that service them, speak very highly of the services given to them. Repetitively said, is that Special libraries need to continually promote their libraries to the companies. Its a partnership, as this video states, where the goals on both ends should be the same. Knowledge and information is needed for companies to succeed. Having the library allows them to sometimes be ahead of the competition, know their competition, gain more knowledge about the product or such  the company services and much more.

Another reason why I do find this video interesting is because its from the early 90's. As much as you hear how valuable the library is to the company, id be curious to find more recent discussions about special libraries and information centers. Hospital libraries, in my opinion, are still essential in present times, but some may beg to differ with the ever growing technology of having ipads and iphones and what not. However, many of us within the field may argue that we allow less time to be spent finding the information.  In order for a company to recognize a V.I.P (valuable information partner) one must make sure that their library is a crucial asset to the company. Promoting, being one on one with staff, getting information in a timely manner but also maintaining accuracy with the information. Those mindsets stated in the video are certainly relevant today, but I would be curious to see how companies feel about their V.I.P's today. Would it still be the same want and desire.

 I am unsure because you hear of so many libraries struggling or budgets being cut. Its one thing to promote your libraries assets but sometimes they are the first to go within a company cut. OR the library is not taken away, but unfortunately the librarian was. We of course all feel that it is wrong for this scenario to happen but it does. Disney was one of those, where a librarian was cut but the library remained. So yes, I wonder what companies think of today's information centers!

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