Monday, April 2, 2012


I feel like I sound idiotic in the fact that originally thinking I didn't think libraries had competition. We provide a service that is unique where you can retrieve materials for free, and who can compete with free? Well, upon searching and pondering for a moment we do.

Doesn't matter what your take on it is, Google is a major competitor. For many its a one stop shop, just Google what you are looking for and instant results. Librarians on the other hand are taught that this not always the most accurate way to retrieve information, depending on what you are trying to locate. Anything scholarly, or hardcore facts need to be done properly and a librarian can certainly do that but Google is making it seem that they are the way to go to find information. However, it sadly can be used for a lot. I myself found a blog post discussing the same topic questioning who is a libraries competition. Who Are Your Competitors? Brings up a lot of the same items but more geared towards public libraries.

My issue is still thinking about competitors for special libraries. They are unique in what they offer their patrons and are unique to the company they serve. I could say that their competitor is budget cuts because many libraries become eliminated because of them. Google can be as well because their patrons may just find it easier to hop on Google then venture to the library. Which is why marketing the library and making it known that they are of importance to the company is extremely important.

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